Beauty Tips for Upcoming Holiday Travel

CBD Beauty

Headed out to Aruba for vacation? Have a business trip to Vegas coming up? Or back home to Boston for the holidays? From CBD beauty to waxing tips, wherever you are going, use these tips to stay beautified!


Baby Powder, Baby Powder, Baby Powder

This is essential when flying since it has multiple uses. It can keep you cool and collected by preventing and getting rid of under-arm sweat stains (its ok! You’ve been traveling all day!) A few more ideas, use it as a dry shampoo or to alleviate that annoying chafe between your thighs. 

Moisturize x100

Since you will be flying as well as in a new environment your skin will be extra dry, the night before you jet out, cover your skin in CBD oil to lock in the moisture! CBD Beauty is all the rage right now as used by many celebrities. It is known for soothing irritation, reducing breakouts, and calming the skin. We recommend Brain Dings CBD oil, this CBD beauty oil is all natural and sourced from organic hemp farms. 

Hotel products are your new best friend

Don’t take up space in your suitcase packing a fluffy bathrobe, steamer or a hairdryer- the hotel will have all those products for you!

Wax & Pamper

Make sure to get all your waxing, threading, plucking, mani’s & pedi’s done before you head out. Give yourself some time in between sun-bathing and waxing and don’t forget to bring along your favorite ingrown hair serum to help target and prevent ingrowns!

Spritz yo’ self

Bring a mini bottle of rose water to spritz your face when you’re feeling extra jet lagged!  Our favorite rose water is Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, it not only is refreshing, but moisturizes, hydrates and re-energizes your skin. Just make sure it is under the 3.4 ounce limit!


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