BLND’s Toolbox: Daily Social Media Posting

When running social media accounts, it’s critical to post frequently and consistently in order to boost engagement. Posting to social media platforms regularly is a social media strategy that can steadily increase your following and grow overall brand exposure. Though it may feel overwhelming to post daily to your account or even multiple accounts, there are many apps and programs designed to help you stay on top of your social media game!

Social Media Management Apps


Planoly is a visual management online program and app that helps you schedule and arrange social media posts for Instagram. You can easily view how all photos will look in a 9 grid and plan when the posts go up to ensure a cohesive and scheduled out feed.


With a focus on collaboration and organization, Gain is ideal for the multiple social media account user. This online program allows you to schedule Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn posts for multiple brands! Though you can’t see how all the photos will look in a grid, this program makes posting to different social platforms and posting for several brands a breeze.


An important part of a good social media strategy is to make sure all your images and graphics are aesthetically pleasing and connect with your brand. Canva is a graphic design program that is free to use and makes creating graphics for social media effortless. It features different design templates for everything from Instagram story posts to Twitter banners so you can easily create the graphic you need with platform-specific dimensions built in. Like Planoly, it has the 9 grid feature to help users achieve overall feed cohesiveness. 

Photo Editing Apps


Not sure how to edit a photo? Adobe Lightroom is a user-friendly program that helps you edit and perfect every photo. In addition to the different editing and lighting features built in, there’s also a wide variety of presets available. Though you have to pay for LightRoom on your computer, the app is free! 


Want something a little more user-friendly than a photoshop program? VSCO is a free app that allows you to edit and filter your photos in a straightforward manner. Monthly or annual memberships are also available and provide a variety of preset options categorized by lighting and photo feature.

Whether you’re posting just for fun or juggling multiple social media accounts for work, prioritizing your social media strategy through edited, scheduled, and cohesive content is a big part of having a successful social presence. Being able to easily connect and engage with followers is so important and these apps help you create the best quality content for all target audience.

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