Going Beyond Your Logo: Finding Your Brand Voice

Communications agencies all hands together

Images are worth a thousand words. We all have come to love and use this quote. The truth is, this statement is only valid to an extent. When creating your brand, your logo can only do so much of the speaking. It is essential to go beyond your logo and demonstrate your brand voice to your audience. Communications agencies have been built around the need to help your business grow beyond just your logo and really establish yourself as a brand. We will be discussing the importance of a brand voice and share our hot tips to get your brand to where it needs to be. 


What is a Brand Voice?

Brand voice is defined by Forbes as the brand’s personality expressed through unchanging wording or expression regardless of the method of communication. Your brand will use similar key wording or phrasing that is unique to the personality that you have decided your brand will have. If you present yourself as a professional law firm, you will have professional wording and use correct terms rather than slang throughout your communications efforts. Lastly, your brand’s communication methods will be the way your brand is going to present itself. Whether through social media, websites, emails, newsletters, or advertisements, your voice must be uniform among them.


Why is it Important to Have a Brand Voice?

A brand voice is essential because it allows you to have an effective and well-established brand. You can have the perfect product or service, but the truth is, the selling part is to have an audience. Brands drive an audience by having something they can relate to that goes above and beyond the product or service. Audiences love knowing that there is an important message and voice that speaks to them. The reason why audiences admire Nike is because their brand voice is all about being inspirational and personal. They have uplifting messaging about determination and beating the odds. Audiences can relate to the brand because they will feel determined and inspired when they wear their clothing, and this is because of their successful way of having a clear and concise brand voice that has been communicated with their audience since the start. 


How Do Communications Agencies Help You?

In some cases, it might be challenging to establish a brand voice that goes with your product/service. Communications agencies can help define or even refine your brand voice that represents what the brand personality will be. Establishing a brand voice goes beyond just having a brand personality. It is about deep diving into your audience and figuring out what they are like. Figuring out why they want to try or purchase your product or service. Agencies like BLND can conduct the research for you and then help you create the correct content that expresses your brand voice. We can test the content before it gets published by ensuring the proper working and personality is expressed through each communication method. When in doubt, you should feel empowered to get help to define your business and get it to the established level everyone needs. 


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