Finding the Right Type of Blog For You

Today’s blogger world is a vast online space filled with accounts from lifestyle bloggers, to small business owners, to dog moms, to foodies. From a boutique PR firm perspective, it is extremely important to decide what your account’s focus should be. With that being said, it is important to narrow down your ideas and the purpose of your blog or social account from the very beginning. Ask yourself, do you want to write to share your ideas, your product, or your opinions, or do you want to make money? If your audience has a difficult time understanding the purpose and voice of your blog, you will most likely not maintain a following or a profit. No matter the topic, there is something for everyone out there, and if you can position yourself and your blog in the proper market of followers, you will start to notice a growth. If you are just starting to blog or if you have been at it for some time, consider the importance of your brand and who you want people to identify you or your product as.

Before you take off with your blog, make a list, and brainstorm exactly what it is that you are wanting to share. Here are the three most common blog types people categorize their writing into.

Personal Blog – A personal blog is where you can share your personal tips & tricks that have worked for you in an area that you know other people struggle with or instead use it as more of a place to remember important milestones and moments in your life. One of the most popular types of a personal blog is one that encompasses the many different aspects of a person’s lifestyle ranging from fitness and exercise to food and wellness.

Business Blog – The main purpose of this type of blog is to showcase your products or services and show your target demographic the benefits that it could bring into their lives. Bringing foot traffic to your storefront or users to your website is the best way to increase sales. An important aspect of a business blog that most forget is to bring value to your readers. For example as a boutique pr firm we hope to give readers valuable information on the industry and new trends. This means you shouldn’t simply be just pushing your product or service, but should be giving advice or new ideas to them that keeps them coming back for more and helps them trust you as an expert. 

Niche Blog – Finding a niche topic to discuss in your blog is a great avenue to dive into one specific topic and establish yourself as an expert in that industry. There is no limit to what you can focus your blog on, but it is important to, especially at the beginning of your blog, maintain the topic and the overall aesthetic so that you are able to create a community of like minded individuals. Some examples of niche blogs are fashion, fitness, cooking, DIY, sports, or technology.

No matter the type, as a boutique pr firm we know creating a blog is an amazing opportunity to connect with others and provide them a community outside of their direct social circle. It is important to simplify your thoughts and categorize your ideas while writing so that your focus is always clear to your readers. The process of deciding what to blog about can be overwhelming at first, but boil it down to the basics. Remember to demonstrate your love and passion for whatever you are writing about. Executing true and real content is crucial to success!

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash