Crisis Communication 101: Preparing For A Crisis

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Crisis communication is how a company uses various tools to communicate their side of the story during an emergency that could damage their reputation. It is a strong aspect of public relations and is critical in preserving a brand’s image. This past year has been an important time in realizing the power of crisis communication and its effect on a business.  A plan like this cannot be constructed at the last minute which is why preparing for crisis communication is essential in this time and day for many reasons. Here are our quick tips for preparing for a public relations crisis in 2021.  


Dealing with the Stages of a Crisis

A crisis will most likely go through 3 stages (pre crisis, crisis, and post crisis). Each stage will require you to carry out certain responsibilities and take specific action. Having an idea of how you will go about these stages before it happens is a must. In the past few months, the events of the pandemic have highlighted the importance of public relations professionals being able to act quickly. 


Protecting your Reputation 

A few of the external publics that should be addressed in a crisis are the customers, respective communities, industries, and the media. Being prepared with answers for a variety of audiences is favorable because you never know who may be involved. Putting together clear and transparent responses is the way to go. It’s important to remember that the information given to the media will differ from the ones posted on social media. Therefore, outlines of what should be said/sent out is crucial in the planning process. Reputation management is a big part of public relations. If communicated correctly, it could save an entire company and its employees from potential harm to the business. 


Maintaining a Strong Front 

Crisis communication doesn’t only involve how the company deals with consumers and the media; it also involves company staff. You will need a plan to address the internal publics because after all, if it’s news to you, it will most likely be news to them too. Through this, misinformation will be reduced, and it will increase the effectiveness and pace of putting out a message to the external public. Preparing guidelines for the employees as to what to expect and do next is essential in keeping a strong front. Everyone should be on the same page regardless of company organization. Here are some survival tips by PR week.  


Every business will face problems of some sort sooner or later. The more prepared you are, the quicker you’ll be able to deal with scenarios. Now that you know the importance of crisis communications, here are some management tips from the team.