Facebook Update Renovates “Friends” Icons

facebook update

Facebook Update? If you’ve recently visited Facebook, you may have noticed the new minor changes added to their logo. The social media giant’s renovation to their logo includes a new logo for the “Friends” and “Groups” icon.

Previously, the “Friends” icon consisted of a man with spikey hair with a woman behind him with a Darth Vader inspired hair-do. Now with the update, the woman is placed in front of the man with a fully-shaped bob and the man’s hair is flattened and side-swept.

Along with this update, whenever a new person friend requests you, instead of both of the gender icons appearing only the icon of their gender will appear alongside the request. The new “Groups” icon now also features three figured silhouettes to make a more relatable and ambiguous group of people.

We’re excited to see these updates take place in the Facebook world and look forward to what new renovations may come their way!