Why Gifs are the New Emoji


This new Gif Keyboard app by Riffsy is changing the iMessaging game. The app, which you can find here, allows for a gif keyboard as a new alternative emojis. Simply download the app and follow the instructions to have access to thousands of gifs.

“That’s cool! But why would gifs ever replace emojis?” you may ask. Well, with Riffsy’s app, the appropriate gif is even easier to find than ever. Can’t wait to reunite with a friend later, but don’t have the appropriate emoji? With the search bar, simply type in a word like “excited” to portray your exact set of emotions. Our personal favorite excited emoji is definitely this one http://gif.co/syL2.gif , or maybe this onehttp://gif.co/rGAR.gif.

The texting possibilities are seriously endless with this new app, so do yourself (and your friends) a favor by adding some well-needed gifs into your life.