Hashtag Tips for Your Special Event

hashtag tips

Nowadays hashtags are becoming the link between businesses and the social atmosphere. Event planners are now utilizing hashtags in their social media platforms to market a much stronger event and to capture comments and moments of that campaign.

When hashtags are used properly it can boost your social event. We came up with a few tips to ensure your plans are successful and socially popular!

Be Unique: Think of a good slogan for your hashtag. The more unique and different your hashtag is, the more people will catch on and wonder about the event. Your goal is to make the audience question “What is this hashtag about?”

Publicize: Once you got the name down promote the hashtag in a professional, yet fun manner. If you have posters put the hashtag in the corner of the poster where it is still visually seen. If you are updating your social media platforms regarding the event, make sure to input the hashtag. Advertising your hashtag during your campaign will have people involved before the event even starts, which is pretty much free publicity!

Keep An Eye Out: Although you are being unique and promoting your hashtag make sure that the hashtag entails information that is relevant to your campaign and is still align with your event goals. Once random information is on that hashtag it will decrease your campaign credibility.

When you’re in Public Relations, you have to keep up with the social times! Taking advantage of the social trends, like hashtags will have the audience involved. Remember having the audience engaged with your campaign is another outlet to manage your event!