How to Host a Killer Giveaway on Social Media

Giveaways are extremely popular tactics used by public relations pros and social media managers to gain followers and engagement for a brand. However, they can be completely useless, and potentially do more harm to a brand, without the right strategy backing it. To make sure that you get the most out of it, here are some tips on how to host a killer giveaway on any social media platform.

Have a goal in mind.

Why are you hosting a giveaway? Whether your objective is to gain followers, increase the reach of your brand, or engage current followers, there are different types of giveaways you can have to reach your goals. For example, if you want to increase reach, be sure to include a “tag someone in the comments” in the rules. Additionally, understanding what your brand hopes to gain from this giveaway is the first public relations step to crafting one that will reach your goals.

Have a theme.

Once you’ve decided what kind of giveaway you want to host, choose a fun and on-brand theme. A good theme will allow you to make beautiful, engaging content that will inspire your audiences to enter the contest. The best way to pick a theme is to think about how people use your products/services and tie it into an event or holiday.

Use a branded hashtag.

To easily find out which users are engaging with the contest, use a branded hashtag that your team can easily track. Make sure that it is a unique, easy to remember tag that helps connect your users to the giveaway organically. If it is too long or complicated, then there is a higher chance that your audience will misspell or forget it entirely.

Explain the rules clearly.

The worst kinds of social media giveaways are the ones that don’t clearly disclose what the rules are. When crafting the copy of your giveaway posts, be sure to include specific details about what the user needs to do to enter, when the giveaway ends, how old you have to be to enter, where you have to be located to enter, etc. This way you’re avoiding a public relations nightmare – angry or confused users in the comments section.

The most effective and strategic social media giveaways are tied to influencers who are authentic and in alignment with your marketing strategy. To learn more about influencer authenticity, check out our guide here.