How to Prepare Your Clients for a Media Interview

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In the public relations world, preparing clients for media interviews is a vital part of the job. Media interviews can be in front of a camera or simply over the phone but they can make or break your client’s exposure. If not planned properly, it could end in a public relations agency nightmare. Here are some tips and tricks on how to help your client ace their media interview:


Research, Research, Research

It may be as an obvious one, but many people skip over this very important part. Today, almost every news reporter has a form of social media. Following the journalist your client will be talking to and see what they are tweeting or posting. Learning a bit about them on a personal level could go a long way when your client is interacting with  them. 


Make a plan for the interview. 

Think about what you want the audience to know. What message do you want to relay about the company? If your client goes into an interview and just answer questions with little to no thought, it may jeopardize the message of your brand. This is the time where you can tell the audience every piece of valuable information they should know. 


Prep for the interview. 

Even if your client feels confident, it is your job as a public relations agency to fully prepare them. They may think they are perfectly capable of answering all the questions being thrown at them, but practice never hurts! Ask the executive questions you think would be asked during the interview. You can even record your practice interview on camera, that way they can see how they are being perceived by the audience. 


Overall, preparing for a media interview is essential for success. Knowing your journalist, having an idea of the questions they will ask, planning key points your client wants the audience to remember about the brand and lots of practice will assure you a smooth interview session. This is a crucial time in an executive’s career and as your role in a public relations agency, it is your job to make a pain free process. 


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