The Rise of Influencer Marketing in the Beauty Industry

The world of beauty has been around for as long as I remember. The world of influencers is new and evolving as you read this blog. Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding marketing methods used today. According to a Tomoson study cited by Forbes, “for every dollar a brand spent on influencer marketing, it made $6.50”. Additionally, “influencer marketing is predicted to swell to a $10 billion industry within the next five years”.

Now that we’ve got the statistics to back up our claim, let’s take a look at the most successful cases of influencer marketing used in the beauty industry.


A millennial brand built off of the power of influencer marketing, Glossier is a prominent example of a brand that utilizes word-of-mouth to increase awareness of their products by their “rep” program. Starting off as purely an online store, Glossier promotes natural beauty by prioritizing skincare and creating products that enhance the natural look of their users. Additionally, their products are easy to apply and affordably priced, allowing them to have a large target audience.

Glossier reps are not individuals with the highest number of followings on social media. They are individuals who have their own niche and have influence over their own groups. Glossier reps promote their favorite Glossier products, giving potential shoppers a discount while making a small commission through orders placed from them.

Kylie Cosmetics

With the popularization of the Kylie Jenner-ation, Kylie is not only the highest-paid woman on the Celebrity 100, but also one of the most prominent social media influencers today. Kylie has mastered influencer marketing by being the face of her own brand. She identifies her target audience as millennials and Gen Z’s who loyally follow her on all her social platforms and promotes her products through personal use. Additionally, she partners with the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, further widening the scope of her marketing campaigns.

There is a wide range of social media platforms available today. Kylie takes advantage of each platform based on their unique functionalities. For example, Instagram is great for photos, launching new products and release dates. Snapchat is mainly video-based, allowing Kylie to demonstrate her products directly to her consumers. Read more about the uses of different social media platforms here.


Luxury beauty brands have also started utilizing influencer marketing to promote their products. Bride of the royal wedding of Italy, Chiara Ferragni is one of the world’s most well-known influencers who has transformed her blog The Blonde Salad into a business. Chiara Ferragni has a handful of loyal followers worldwide, 15.2 million on Instagram to be exact. They are interested in the beauty and fashion products that she uses.

For her epic wedding this year, her Dior gown earned Dior what would have cost them $5.2 million dollars in advertising, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Lancôme sponsored her wedding makeup, and she is a loyal partner and face of the brand. Chiara periodically posts her various makeup looks by Lancôme on her Instagram page. This encourages her followers to support the brand as well.

Influencer marketing is the perfect tool to raise awareness for brands and products. In today’s social media-dependent world, brands of all sizes incorporate influencer marketing into their mix. When partnered with the right type of influencers for each brand, influencers will help increase credibility and sales of products.