Insider Tips: Sourcing Influencers For Local Events

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As a boutique influencer relations agency, we often have local businesses that like to use our services to help them with events. Usually businesses love having influencers attend their events which create buzz and a lot of hype!  However sourcing the right influencers will make or break how many will join your event. The most important thing to consider when sourcing influencers for local events is their location.  An influencer from San Diego is probably not going to want to drive 2+ hours to Los Angeles for an event.  We need to think about the location itself and surrounding areas that people would be willing to commute from.  Sourcing can be a tricky process since it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where an influencer is located.  However, we have some tips and tricks that can help you source the right influencers for your local events!


Start With The Obvious: Location Tags

Now the most obvious thing to do is use location tags to source influencers.  Instagram and TikTok both have a location feature that can allow you to filter any post that has tagged a specific location!  However, the problem that we run into is that not all tagged posts are posted by influencers.  Anyone can tag a location, even if they’re there just visiting or a casual user.  But don’t give up just yet!  We can still use the location tag to our advantage.  Oftentimes, accounts with a decent following will be boosted to the top of the page or even a local business.   Identifying local businesses or even a social media page for local events can be a great way to start your search! 


Local Businesses   

It’s likely that there are going to be some local businesses that have gotten hype from influencers.  This could be a nail salon, a beauty salon, a restaurant, a cafe, a trendy bar. Let’s say I need to source influencers near Anaheim, California for a food pop event.  Since Gen Z treats TikTok like a search engine now, you could search, “Best cafes in Anaheim”.   Most likely you’re going to find a ton of UGC style videos created by accounts with a decent following.  You can use this as an entry point to your sourcing!  Let’s say you find a great bakery in Anaheim that’s gotten a TON of type… do they have an Instagram page?  If so, let’s use their location and see if any Instagram  influencers have created reels about them!  But be careful, does it seem like this person lives in the area or were they just visiting from out of town?  That’s the detective  work you’ll need to put in by scrolling through their social media!


Niche Location Hash Tags

And of course location hash tags are a great way to source influencers, especially if you’re using Instagram!  Sometimes using a hashtags like #anaheiminfluencers or something more broad to that area such as #ocinfluencers could be a great start to sourcing.  Once you’ve sourced someone who’s a great fit for the event, start scrolling through their feed and take note of what hashtags they’re using.  You can even see which hashtags they follow if you’re on Instagram.  From there you can use these other hashtags to do more research!  And of course, see who they follow, who engages with them the most in their comments, who tags them.  This is obviously the best way to source more influencers that are most likely going to be within the same region!

Every boutique influencer relations agency has their own tips and tricks when it comes to influencer marketing.  These are just some of our tips  and hopefully it’ll help you with your next local event!


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