When To Use Live Streams as a Brand: Tips From an LA Social Media Agency

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From YouTube to Instagram, it seems that nearly every social media platform has evolved to include a ‘going live’ option. There must be a good reason – right? Globally, live streaming is extremely popular and can definitely help brands boost their retail sales. In countries like China and other Asian markets, live stream shopping is flourishing, reaching nearly $515 billion this year in ecommerce sales through apps like WeChat, Taobao Live and Douyin. However, in the United States, live stream shopping isn’t resonating with consumers. According to eMarketer, just 6% of U.S. adults watch live streams regularly, and over 80% have never tuned in. Even worse? 41% are not interested at all. 

However, just because live streams may not be flourishing in the U.S. from a commerce perspective, doesn’t mean they should be ignored entirely in your brand awareness strategies. From our LA social media agency, here are some reasons why and scenarios when brands may want to consider adding a live stream into the mix. 


When Your Brand Has a Strong Face of Brand 

Ultimately, live streams typically require a human on the camera-side of the screen. If there is someone on your team, like your founder or CEO, that has a strong reputation and association with the brand, it could be a great idea to use live streams to allow them a platform to directly engage your audience. This not only builds trust, but it also creates a sense of loyalty and attachment with your fan base. To maximize these live streams, offer them something that would be impossible for your audience to see anywhere else. Maybe this looks like an exclusive Q&A session with the founder of the brand. Or, you could host a behind-the-scenes tour of your offices. The goal is to make the live stream a special occasion to entice your followers to join in. 


When Your Brand is Working With a Celebrity or Influencer 

Similarly to the face of brand approach, leveraging a partnership with a celebrity or influencer and including some live streams into your strategy can be a great way to bolster visibility and create a buzz. This is a great option if you don’t have a strong face-of-brand. Instead, you can partner with credible and influential people who align well with the brand vision and values. Influencers especially have a unique leg-up in this scenario, as their careers are often built upon them speaking with and engaging with digital audiences. When you partner with an influencer for a ‘takeover’ of your account, you’re naturally attracting their existing audience to your brand’s channels. 


When You’re Launching a New Product  

Whether you just launched a new product or revamped an old one, live streams can be a great way to disseminate key information to your audience in an engaging and exciting way. Think of how Steve Jobs utilized conferences to launch Apple products. Similarly, you can build hype around a product launch ahead of time by promoting a special live stream reveal. This way, your audience gets an exclusive sneak peek before the product is broadcasted to the website and in-feeds. These one-of-a-kind experiences work to harness attention and brand loyalty. Plus, in a live stream format you can answer questions, talk through complicated details and even demo products in a more efficient way. 


Utilizing live streams can be a great tactic to shake up your everyday social media content. To get more advice from our LA social media agency about videos on social media, click here