4 Restaurants in the South Bay We Love!

brat and brau

As a Manhattan Beach PR firm we’re finding (and Yelp-ing) the latest up-and-coming restaurants in the South Bay, so you don’t have to.

Brat & Brau – Located on the corner of Hermosa & 14th, if you’re down for a homemade brat and a huge list of German brews, you’ll need to stop by and Get your Wurst on! (their  glorious words not ours). Their list of sausages includes vegetarian options and a selection of fries, so not all is Prost! Grab a couple of friends and a good brew right here on your next night out. http://www.bratbrau.com/

Ko-Ryu Ramen Grill  – Slurp your way to noodle-y heaven at Ko-Ryu Ramen. As a Manhattan Beach PR firm this has become the perfect place to get your ramen fix in for either lunch or dinner, be sure to check-in on Yelp to get two free toppings. If you’re really in the mood to really spice things up, ask for your ramen at “spicy level #5” to claim your well deserved spot on their Spicy Challenge Wall of Fame!
HopSaint Brewing Company – Go from casual beer drinker to convivial pint snob at this new brewery in the South Bay. While it doesn’t cater to a list of international brews, it does stock its kitchen with an extensive list of locally grown farmers— A perfect community detour next time you’re hungry (or thirsty) in Torrance [http://www.hopsaint.com/ ]

Día de Campo – Steps away from the beach, this modern Mexican restaurant is sure to amaze. If you’re in the mood for some tasty crab-topped guacamole & sizzling carnitas tacos make it even better and stop by on Wednesday nights for live acoustic music and (of course) make note of their Power Hour – perfect for Manhattan Beach PR firm happy hour.