Media Relations Do’s and Don’ts

media relations

As PR professionals, it is extremely important to cultivate strong relationships with the media, or have generally good media relations tactics. The media receives many emails throughout the week so it is crucial to send stand out pitches! Gain press hits by following these rules when pitching to journalists and bloggers.

Do personalize your emails. Journalists and bloggers are less likely to read a generic email sent to a mass group of people. Address the email to the specific journalist and blogger and make sure to spell their name correctly!

Don’t forget to proofread. Nothing scares away reporters more than poorly written pitches. Make sure your pitches are concise and get to the point. Have another colleague look over your pitch before you send it to avoid grammatical humiliation.

Do research the media contact. In media relations it is important to research the editor and include information that relates to the blogger or journalist and why they should care in the pitch. Then they’ll be more likely to take interest and write about the information presented to them.

Don’t follow up with a phone call. Unless you know the reporter really well it is not won’t want to answer your phone call.

Do be reachable. As the PR professional, it is crucial to be available and responsive to the media. If you will be out of the office after you sent your pitch, make sure to provide other PR contacts for them to reach.

Don’t pitch or follow up at the beginning of the week. Journalists and bloggers are likely to be swamped with emails at the start of each week. Send out pitches towards the end of