Meet the Media: Johannah Masters, Market Editor at the New York Post and Alexa

Johannah Masters
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lippman


For this week’s Meet the Media series, we are thrilled to introduce esteemed writer and editor, Johannah Masters. Johannah is the Market Editor at the New York Post and Alexa, and has over a decade of experience in the industry. She covers anything from fashion trends to the latest in beauty, and is known for her weekly fashion pages in the New York Post.

Please welcome Johannah to BLND!


Introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Johannah Masters, Market Editor at the New York Post and Alexa.


How did you get into journalism? Was this always where you saw yourself?

I can remember one of my best friends in first grade saying we should become fashion designers and move to NYC and I thought, what a great idea. I would read fashion magazines from cover-to-cover and the weekly fashion section of the Houston Chronicle. Fast forward to college – I attended F.I.T., studied Advertising and Marketing Communications and got my first internship in the fashion closet at JANE magazine. Within my first hour there, I knew that being a fashion editor was exactly what I wanted to do.


From your experience, what makes a great story?

What makes a fashion news story great is if it’s a talker. It has to be interesting and grab the reader’s attention and of course some unique and personal details help. A market story is just as much about the visual as it is about the accessibility. People want to look at beautiful things as much as they want to be able to actually afford to own them too.


What’s an accomplishment you consider to be the most significant in your career so far?

Your team is key to any accomplishment and I’ve been lucky enough to work with a great team, including one of my best friends at my current job for over 9 years. I think that’s a big part of me still loving what I do and a rare accomplishment in such a grinding industry.


What is one thing you wish the public knew about your job?

It’s not all glitz and glam, that’s just part of it.


Morning routine?

I have a 3 year old son, so it’s really centered on him. After I’ve gotten us both ready for the day, I drop him off at school and start my work day running around the city at market appointments before heading into the office later.


What’s one piece of career advice you’d give a young person looking to follow in your footsteps?

Accept that it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to put your time in and that includes doing grunt work. But if you have a real passion for the job, it definitely makes a difference.


When you’re not writing, what can we find you doing?

Outdoor activities with my family. Anything from hanging out in the park with my son to hiking on trips with my husband.


Rapid Fire

 Three words that describe you? Fair, Idealistic and Indecisive (a true Libra)

 #1 place on your travel bucket list? Morocco

 Go to drink order? Champagne

 Favorite restaurant? Literally anywhere on the Greek islands

 Where can people follow you? @johannahmasters