The Changing Role of a PR Firm in 2023

modern public relations firm

For decades, public relations as an industry has been through many transformations. From brand awareness to crisis management, there are many practical applications for both traditional and digital PR tactics. Today, the role of a PR firm is constantly changing. Here, we discuss a few of the most common roles and responsibilities of a modern public relations firm in 2023, and how we expect these roles to change in the future. 


Exploring Alternative Forms of Media 

This year, we’ve seen a massive amount of layoffs and changes in the news and media landscape. From Vice and BuzzFeed News permanently shutting down, to most credible publications installing hefty paywalls to the majority of their content, the digital landscape is changing rapidly. Publications are shifting heavily to an advertising model, and earned opportunities get fewer and fewer by the minute.

Additionally, due to paywalls and distrust of the media, many audiences aren’t looking to classic publications for information anymore. Therefore, many publicists are focusing on alternative forms of media like podcasts, YouTube and social media pages, email newsletters, and print opportunities to share their stories. With so many different mediums, publicists need to get creative and truly think about which platforms have the best audience reach to move the needle for their clients. 


The Rise of Owned and Shareable Content 

As earned articles become harder to secure, an emphasis on owned content will ensure your brand still has a position in the market. Original content that you can share directly with your audience is essential to driving your messaging and narrative. Whether through social media content, website blogs, email newsletters or events,  owned content is becoming an increasingly important tool in PR.

To double down on this strategy, brands will also need to make sure their content is sharable and interesting for viewers. In the age of information, offering a value beyond your product or service will establish your brand as a reliable and trustworthy source of information – improving brand awareness and sales over time. As such, the modern public relations agency will help clients create owned content that is on brand, engaging and shareable. 


Proof of Value in the Marketplace Is Crucial 

 It seems obvious, but in today’s world with so much competition, it is absolutely essential to establish your unique value proposition in the marketplace. Gone are the days where smoke and mirrors work, and the idea that your PR agency can ‘spin’ a story to sound more interesting than it is. A PR agencies’ value is shifting from solely being a liaison between a brand and their audience. Today, publicists must work with their brand’s to ensure that their messaging, products and services actually have a newsworthy pull. While strong relationships open doors, journalists need unique and valuable information in order to include your brand in a story. As a publicist, you need to showcase your client’s knowledge and establish them as credible, trustworthy experts if you’re going to secure that big story.


In the evolving media landscape, it’s imperative for PR firms to stay innovative and think about new and improved methods to get their clients visibility. To learn more about evolving PR trends, click here.