Networking Amid a Virtual Environment

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Networking is vital to every business owner, in order to expand your reach and form connections that can be beneficial to your business in the long run. However, how can you continue to network when everyone is staying at home? The answer is simple: virtual networking. Take it from this public relations agency, virtual networking brings an abundance of benefits and opportunities to those that partake in it. Keep reading for our tips on how to network virtually!


Join Industry Groups

By joining industry-specific groups, you immediately gain access to other business owners and professionals in that field. Most industry groups host recurring events that allow for virtual networking to take place, usually via online panels or discussions. You can find these groups by perusing Facebook or joining professional associations aligned with your line of business. To do so, try looking up “entrepreneur” or “small business” to find groups!


Utilize LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for any business owner. This is because it enables you to find others with similar job titles, or experience in a certain field! Therefore, try connecting with others who you would like to form a relationship with and set up a virtual coffee date to learn more about their experiences. Many fellow business owners and entrepreneurs are also looking to make connections and grow! Try finding people who are fellow alumni or that you have a mutual connection with.


Attend Virtual Events

The virtual event landscape is everything right now and you should take advantage of everything you can attend! One benefit of virtual events is that you don’t have to travel anywhere to attend, meaning your network can include anyone around the globe! Now more than ever, your opportunities to connect with individuals have expanded. Try attending a virtual conference or summit to find networking opportunities that may benefit you or your business! In short, your opportunities are truly endless, and your access has significantly increased in this virtual environment.  

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