Tips for Avoiding Burnout When Working From Home

PR Agency

For over a year now, the majority of us in communications roles have been working from home. Our PR agency is still primarily working remotely, and while working from home can have a lot of benefits (no commute!), it can also lead to higher levels of burnout. Here are some tips we found help us avoid burning out when working from home!

Have a Designated Work Space

When working from home, it can be easy to conduct all your business from the comfort of your bed. However, there’s so many reasons you shouldn’t! Working from bed can cause sleeping and posture problems, as well as negatively affecting your mood. We recommend creating a work space to keep your home life and work life separate.

Keep Things Bright

Lighting and ambience has a significant impact on our mood and emotions. Bright light is conducive to working, which is why most offices are brightly lit or have windows. This also helps in avoiding straining your eyes, especially if you’re looking at paperwork or a screen for the majority of your work day. Setting up your workspace next to a window or in a brightly lit part of your house will help you be more productive and help keep you in a good mood!

Take Breaks as Needed

The absence of an office environment means social interaction is at a low. Therefore, this can also mean we’re looking at our screen and working nonstop. It’s important to remember to get up and take a break throughout the day to avoid feeling worn out. We like to get up about once every hour and take a short walk outdoors for some fresh air or do some light stretches.

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