New Instagram Updates

It’s our favorite time of the month, Instagram update time! This month, Instagram has some big changes that we’re really excited about. Unsurprisingly, Instagram has updated its app yet again with some fun new features as well as some to make it more user-friendly.

New formatting feature for multiple photo and video posts – As of August 29th, users now have the option to format their multiple-photo or multiple-video posts as portrait or landscape. Prior to this update, users only had the option to do multiple-photo and video posts in the square mode. Finally, freedom to format our photos how we want to! However, all photos and videos need to be formatted in the same way to create a more consistent, flowing look. Just like single-photo and video posts, you can now save these as drafts to come back to later if you’re just quite now ready to share. Additionally, users can add or edit tagged people after the post has been shared.

New ways to reply to posts – With this new update, Instagram is bringing a fun little twist to the DM. When you receive a photo, you can now reply directly as a photo. There will be a little camera icon in the bottom-right corner which allows you to snap a selfie back. You can also edit the photo that was sent to you, such as adding a Harry Potter scar to your friend’s selfie or adding a comment right on the photo as you would with an Instagram story… #amazing.

Banned Hashtags – Instagram is making moves to increase its level of censorship on the platform. They banned a list of hashtags that will not show up if searched, and if a banned hashtag is used, it will not show up on the explore page. They have a long list of hashtags that are no-go’s as of now, and if you use one of the banned hashtags, any other hashtags used in the post will no longer show up. Some of the banned hashtags are no surprise such as #bootay, but the banning of #dogsofinstagram, #adulting, and #tgif came as a little bit of a surprise. To see if you might be using a banned hashtag, click here.

Rainbow Light Filter – Ever wish you had that perfect rainbow glare you only get by taking your selfie in the exact right spot next to your window? Wish no longer, Instagram has a new filter that adds a rainbow glare to your selfie. This rainbow effect can be added onto posts, stories, and direct messages. It can also be adjusted to wherever you want it and can be horizontal or vertical. Just when you thought your #selfiegame couldn’t improve – it can.

Conclusion – That’s it for August’s Instagram updates! Instagram is constantly evolving and making strides to make its app the most user friendly and exciting as possible. We can’t wait to see what’s in store next month.