Our 10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

A couple of weeks ago we featured our top 10 gifts for any working woman on our blog.  To be fair (because V-day isn’t always about the women…unfortunately), we’ve put together this list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man.

1) Truman Set Razor by Harry’s ($15):
  This modern company specializes in high-quality, customized blades with an assortment of vibrant handle colors to choose from.  They cost less than the standard razor, but are refined, classic, and look so much better.

2) Coin by Coin ($99): This gift is on the pricier side but worth every single coin (pun intended). This light electronic card will combine all the credit cards into one taking the weight out of his wallet.

3) Barbeque Grill by Fuego ($399): This gem’s a bit of a splurge but your man will adore you forever.  It was designed by the former chief of design at Apple and Beat by Dr. Dre headsets.  With its modern design and premium performance, this grill would be any man’s dream.

4) Game Tickets from Ticket Master: Some of the best gifts any man can ever get are life experiences and entertainment.  A game, beer, peanuts, hotdogs, and his lover?  Does it get any better than that?

5) All-in-One-Dart-Center by Viper ($89): Okay guys, he might lose his s*** with this one.  Trust us,every man wants a dartboard but to be gifted from his significant other?  Speechless….

6) Original Astronaut Space Pen by Fisher ($58): A man of distinction needs the right tool for every job, so why settle for cheap plastic pens?  These space pens write in extreme temperatures and in any direction.  You can even personalize the pen with an engraving.

7) Classic Vacuum Growler by Stanley ($44.98):  This signature vacuum-insulated body and lid keeps beverages cold (16 hours), hot (12 hours), or cool (60 hours) and is perfect for an ice cold beer at the top of the mountain.

8) Aviator 3-hand Watch by Jack Mason ($159): This handsome and stylish take on the classic pilot watch will get your man giddy with excitement.

9) Square-End Tie by Hill-Side ($85):  This chambray tie is the latest recipient of GQ’s Menswear Designer of the Year award and is sure to add the right amount of style to any men’s wardrobe.

10) Camden-Fit Red Warp-Print Shirt by Banana Republic ($69.50): This saucy red collared shirt is a perfect Valentine’s day gift but what’s more is that it’s super comfortable to cuddle up against.