Tips for Pitching

Pitching to the media is an art within the public relations world. It takes practice, and is something you can get better at day by day. You already know what you, your product, or your client has to offer, and it’s time to share that with others too. Here are a few tips that we have compiled here at BLND to help you grasp attention, get your point across, and get a response from those you are pitching to.                                               

  1. Get in and Get Out. When it comes to pr pitching, you have about 8 seconds to captivate your target’s attention or else you’ve missed the bull’s-eye. Get straight to the point. And most of all make your time, and the person’s you are pitching to count.
  2. Do Your Homework. It’s great if you find an article that leads you to believe that you or your client would be a perfect fit for this brand or company. However, it is important to do your research. After some digging on who you are pitching to, you should have a better idea if they are indeed a good fit after all.
  3. Keep it casual. PR Pitching does not need to be formal all the time. Remember that is a conversation, and the “Mr. and Mrs.” is not always necessary. You can save the formalities for press releases. As for pitches, make them quick and casual.
  4. Be able to answer the “Why should their audience care?” question. Answering this question effectively is key. In a few sentences or less, you should be able to communicate your story, just in case the person you are pitching needs to pass along your idea to editors or producers.
  5. Know what you (or your client) have to offer, and sell it. The basic who, what, where, when and how is essential. For example, you could say something like: “If you are interested in X, let me know how I can help you set up Y. Make it easier for the person you are pitching to by helping them tell the story yourself.