PR Tips for Boutiques

PR for Boutiques

Public relations can sometimes be overlooked as a part of a small boutique’s marketing strategy. However, through the right PR plan and activities any boutique can increase its brand awareness and sales. Here are PR for Boutiques tips:

  1. Create social media profiles – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. are extremely helpful for your business. Fashion themed profiles are highly successful on social media, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. Developing a strong voice and style across all of these platforms will create a brand identity and a better connection with target customers. Social media profiles are also an excellent way to promote store sales and promotions.
  2. Connect with style bloggers- Style bloggers have a tremendous influence on fashion buyers. Through their blogs and social media profiles, fashion bloggers can easily become fashion experts. Identify local style bloggers and connect with them. Become a resource for the bloggers by offering them products for their upcoming shoots or events.
  3. Offer event space for local press and organizations – Having frequent events at your location will drive people to the store and gain press coverage as well. Get in touch with local media outlets and offer your space for upcoming events. Holding charitable events is another way to get positive customer and media attention. People in your community will see the good things the company does and want to support the business.

Utilizing these PR for boutiques tips can be extremely beneficial in the overall success of the company.