Press Plan Basics- Everything to Include in Your PR Strategy

public relations strategy

You have found the perfect client – congratulations to you! But now, it is time for the hard work. Here at BLND PR, we know it can be challenging trying to perfect a public relations strategy that not only you love, but one that your client can love and trust. Well, fear no more. Today we are taking it back to basics, breaking down the three top items you should include in your public relations strategy. 


Set Your Goals

Your public relations strategy will look very different depending on your client’s goals. Before anything, you need to understand what they’re trying to achieve. Are they hoping for an increase in sales, or are they trying to build up their founder’s credibility? Are you focusing on a product launch, or an ongoing brand awareness campaign? Understanding the long and short-term goals of the business drive your tactics and strategy. Plus, it allows you to set realistic and complimentary objectives and KPIs to track and measure success throughout your efforts.


Target Audience is Key

One of the essential factors in completing a press plan is to include the target audience. Clients know who they are trying to target, but it is our job to figure out how to reach them. Be sure to include a deep dive into the target audience and explore why they are the ideal candidate by demographics, psychographics, and third-party influences. This will allow your client to understand the audience and understand who they are and why they make their choices. From there, break down the channels that this audience views. Do they watch TV or browse Reddit for their news? Do they read magazines like Allure or POPSUGAR, or do they prefer looking at TikTok for skincare recommendations? Understanding who your audience is and how to reach them is step one in any public relations strategy. 


 Choose Your Tactics

Once you’ve identified your target audience and where they’re located, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to reach them. Tactics are what you are going to do in order to communicate your message to the audience. Things like media pitching, hosting a pop-up event, developing a TikTok campaign or hiring influencers are all examples of classic PR tactics. By listing these in your public relations strategy, you are painting a picture of everything that needs to be accomplished to reach your goals. 


 Create That Calendar 

Last but certainly not least, every perfected public relations plan must include a very detailed timeline of when the objectives will be executed or when creative materials are being created. Having a calendar will help your team, but it will allow your client to know how you are working and when things are being done. Having a plan and having it organized is very crucial in pr! Make sure that everything is in detail in your calendar, and do not be afraid to edit it over time! 


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