Public Relations Research Tips You Probably Missed

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One of the most critical phases of public relations is research. Research allows you to understand your client better and follow industry trends that can apply to your team/client. As a boutique public relations agency, we work with various clients from various industries, so it is critical to add research and do it effectively. For our team to have a compelling take on the research phase, here are some tips for ensuring we get the most out of our research!


Tip #1: Make Sure To Have A Game Plan

Regarding research, we always want to finish that phase fast to get into the more exciting parts, but we do not cut it short. Having a detailed list of what your team is looking for is essential. This exhaustive list should include broader research topics and make its way into more specific issues. For example, do not just stop at the demographics when it comes to your audience. Make sure to research and explore more details about your audience’s attitudes, aspirations, and influences (also known as psychographics). 


Tip #2: Your Research Should Include Up To Date Statistics

Unfortunately, when researching, you find the perfect source only to find out it is about 20 years old. Although it is the ideal source, it is outdated and can no longer be used if you want to present your research with accurate findings. You can always filter your search if you are coming to this problem! Using Google, you can narrow down your search by using the provided filters.


Tip #3: Verify Your Information

Once you have found what you are researching, it is essential to have accurate information. Just like tip number 2, you want to ensure that the information you have obtained from your research is precise. You must be able to back up your information with multiple sources. The best way to do this is to make sure you can cite those various sources and have those present. 


Tip #4: Stay Organized

Lastly and most importantly, you want to organize your research. Just like with every task, organization plays an important part. It keeps you on track and is the best way to ensure your team, and you have everything you need to research. If you present your findings, you will have to organize the results in their respective manners. 


Research is vital, and it requires time and effort. As a boutique public relations agency, we rely on a research period that provides answers and solutions for future issues that can arise. 

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