Social Media 101: Best Practices for LinkedIn

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Influencers may have made their platform a full-time job, but those with offline careers are not off the hook when it comes to advancing their career through social media! LinkedIn is a tailor-made platform for professionals and is the perfect place to get your resume noticed by recruiters. Here are some strategies to help you make the right impression, build valuable professional connections, and even up your chances in your next job search: 


Keep Up the Content

It can be easy to create your profile and call it a day— but don’t forget to stay active! Like any social media platform, it’s important to produce relevant, quality content. Update your connections on any recent accomplishments or projects you’re working on. Or, share your thoughts on recent developments in your industry. Share links to credible articles that interest you— this is a great way to tell potential recruiters, what you’re about!


Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Whether it’s recent work experience or a creative project you’re proud of, there’s a place on LinkedIn for any of your past positions and accomplishments. A print resume may provide the essential information an employer will want to see, but LinkedIn allows you to take your profile a step further by providing links to your portfolio or published work, adding media to enhance your experience and projects, and connecting with those in your professional network. Take advantage of all the responsive capabilities and social media-esque features that come with taking your resume digital!


Find the Sweet Spot Between Professional and Personal

LinkedIn is a social media platform with a built-in approach toward professionalism. However, don’t shy away from sharing some of your personal passions and interest as well! It’s easy to get stuck in a limbo between professionalism and a personal voice, but LinkedIn provides space for both. Your profile summary is the perfect place to start, as it introduces recruiters and potential new connections to who you are both as a professional and as a person.  Discuss some details about your career and highlights from your past experiences. Be sure to include a bit about your passions and interests outside of your work life. Let other LinkedIn users get to know you!


Give and Take: Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements are a quick and easy way for your connections to verify your skills, and vice versa. Recommendations take this a step further, allowing co-workers, supervisors, and other professional team members to speak on your qualities as a person and as an employee. If someone in your workplace speaks highly of your work, ask for a quick recommendation and offer one in return! Genuine, thoughtful recommendations show recruiters not only that your work is of high quality, but also that you have built meaningful relationships in the workplace.


With 154 million users on the platform, LinkedIn has become an essential social media platform for aspiring or working professionals. With our tips, you can successfully use LinkedIn no matter where you are in your career!


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