The Latest Instagram Release – IGTV

Move over Youtube, Instagram has just released a new update that allows users to post videos that are up to an hour long. Upon opening the application and clicking on the TV icon in the upper right corner, Instagram TV will instantly open and begin playing videos vertically on your screen. IGTV has four sections to choose from: For You, Following, Popular and Continue Watching.

Unlike Youtube where people have to seek out creators to watch their videos, Instagram users already have followers to watch their videos. A notification will pop up on all of your followers homepages when you post a video so they’ll always be aware of your newest posts. At the moment people are not able to make money off their videos like they can on Youtube, but Instagram expects that will change as the update becomes a more integral part of the application. Here are a few ways to utilize IGTV to connect with your followers:

Behind the Scenes – IGTV is a great opportunity to show your followers a more in-depth video of what goes on behind the scenes, whether that’s at a photoshoot, event or just a day in the office!

Interviews – Take more time to interview a client, friend or employee. This is a great opportunity to connect more with your followers. Influencers should take advantage of the simplicity of IGTV by posting vlogs to reach their followers on a deeper level.

Previews – Although only select Instagram influencers can use the full 60 minutes on IGTV at the moment, the update still allows plenty of time to debut a new product or show snippets of new videos.

DIY – IGTV is the perfect place for influencers and businesses to post informational videos. Skin care regimens, beauty tutorials, or how-to videos that utilize a business’s product will be hits on IGTV.

The instant playback, iPhone compatibility, filtered content and lack of commercials on IGTV will likely give Youtube a run for its money. This update is clearly tailored toward smartphone users who will now be able to watch full length videos easier than ever. IGTV does have its own application for active creators and dedicated followers, but the application does not offer anything that Instagram doesn’t already have. Instagram TV is the perfect opportunity to expand your fan base and connect with your followers on a deeper level.

Photo by Jenna Day on Unsplash