The Pandemic Created A Boom Of Infuencers, But Will It Last

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Over the past two years, everyone had lots of freetime to find new hobbies and interests thanks to numerous lockdowns and quarantines. From whipped coffee to bones day to that couch guy, the pandemic produced numerous trends and opportunities for people all over the world. One of these things that the social media marketing world saw was a wave of new influencers. Influencers are people who have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their expertise, knowledge, or relationship with their audience. As the world starts to become normal, or as normal as it can get, will the idea of influencers last? We think so – and here’s why.


They are more authentic and trustworthy

Typically, influencers are experts who have built up credibility with their audiences in particular interests. For example, there are influencers in fitness, beauty, crochet, journaling, cooking, DIY crafts, travel, literature, and so much more. Since these influencers dedicate themselves to a particular interest, their followers see them as highly knowledgeable in that field. So when the influencers they follow promote products or services that pertain to their niche, it seems more authentic and trustworthy coming from a credible source. For example, a fitness influencer promotes or partnering with a protein shake brand or athletic wear company.


They are closer to a business’s target audience

Many influencers typically operate within one niche. As such, they have specific audiences, giving them the ability to help a business reach a highly specific group. Influencers can put products in front of consumers who are already interested in it’s services and would be more likely to purchase it. This brings social media marketing to a whole new level since it opens up more opportunities and benefits for small businesses and niche products.


Anyone can be an influencer

The best part about influencers is that anyone can be one! Many influencers are regular, every-day people who are charismatic and knowledgeable in their niches. Influencers can have followings ranging from 1k to 500k+ people and are from all over the world. If you’re on social media and have followers, you’re an influencer!

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