Top 5 Tips On How To Talk To The PRESS

One of the essential duties a public relations agency has is obtaining media encounters for its clients. These media encounters include television segments, in-person interviews, press email interviews, public speeches, and event appearances. No matter what kind of encounter it is, they all add value to you, and it is paramount for the public relations agency to supply you with the perfect tools and tricks to perfect each media encounter. To ace these media encounters, you have to be prepared. 


That is why here at BLND, our team has crafted the perfect media training tips to help you represent yourself and your brand at your next media encounter. When in doubt, turn to our five top tips when talking to the media, known as the P.R.E.S.S method. 



Know your list of questions/interview topics ahead of time. When in doubt, you can also set up a mock interview with someone you know from your PR team or even a family member. Or you can practice a few key points/messages in the mirror.  



Slow your breathing down, and relax your shoulders. Being relaxed will help you have a clear mind. 



Be confident – you’re the expert, remember that people are actually excited to hear what you have to say! Be enthusiastic and genuine in your responses, and others will be, too. 



Smiling is scientifically proven to release tension and anxiety. It also helps disarm your interviewer and make you appear more likable/genuine to the audience. 



There’s no need to rush an answer, as your responses should be brief, to-the-point, and in easy-to-digest language. If you feel yourself talking too quickly, remember to take a slight pause. 


Now that you have learned about P.R.E.S.S and are ready to ace your next media encounter, here are some tips on writing an effective media pitch to obtain these media appearances.