Ways to Measure PR Impact

Public relations is a crucial component of every successful business. However, not everyone is familiar with what it is, let alone how to tell if it is “working.” Companies spending thousands on public relations may be wondering how to measure its success in a specific industry. While it can be sometimes difficult to measure, here are a few ways to highlight its impact.

Press Hits

One of the most important ways to measure public relations impact is to keep track press mentions. After a public relations campaign is launched, it’s important to consistently sweep media sources for any mention of your brand. The goal is to be featured in media that is relevant to the brand, successfully raising awareness among target audiences.

Social Media Engagements

Social media allows you to interact with millions of people with the click of a button. This is especially helpful when trying to spread the word about a new brand or service. Social media engagements measure the public shares, likes and comments for a company. Looking at the level of engagement with an audience is a great way to measure the success of public relations efforts.

Sales Results

A well-executed PR campaign should directly contribute to company sales. Public relations experts determine the best strategy for a brand to create a relevant campaign that is both interesting and credible. Campaigns that attract attention are a great way to increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.

Online Traffic

Public relations has the ability to drive traffic to your brand’s website. A high level of online traffic following the release of a PR campaign is a direct indicator of its impact.


Great PR helps to build credibility and trust with a target audience which can help drive the success of a brand. While it can be difficult to pinpoint how effective a campaign truly is, these four factors are easy ways to measure the impact of public relations.


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