Why Choosing the Right Font Matters

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When creating a branding kit or logo, it is important to choose the right font that can represent your brand well.  The font is a non-verbal message that is being sent to clients and is typically the first thing they will notice. This is why it is important to make sure that the font chosen is readable, aesthetically pleasing, and on-brand. The world of typography is complex, in-depth, and could take days to teach. However, we wanted to quickly break it down and offer some of our suggestions. At our public relations agency, we ensure that our client’s chosen fonts correlate with their brand identity. To help you understand why choosing the right font matters, we laid out some key points to consider.


The Message That Your Font Sends 

There are thousands of different fonts, and each font has its own look and identity. As such, each font delivers a different message to the customer before they even read the content. For example, words written in cursive, swirly letters is generally associated with elegant and high-quality brands. Words written in bold, block letters are generally more business/tech-oriented and straightforward. The font delivers an immediate tone, providing a voice and context to the content the font is displaying. It is important to choose a font that correlates to the personality of the brand and not just a font that you “like”. 


The Readable-ness of the Font

Whatever the identity of the brand is, if the words are meant to be read, it must be readable. For example, the font PT Serif has a streamlined, easy-to-read typeface that is great for website copy or informational text. On the other hand, display fonts like Sedgwick Ave Display, are decorative and attention-grabbing and can be used for logos or designs. There are many different font categories with a lot of style variations. However, if being used for content, it must be easy-to-read and accessible for maximum effectiveness.


Why Is This Important? 

In a logo, on a website, or any other copy, the font is what the customer sees first. The font allows the customer to make an instant judgement on if they identify with your brand or not. In order for the customer to continue reading more about the brand, the font must be legible. The font must be memorable to stand out to consumers in the very competitive job market today. The branding and design on all social media platforms, websites, and any other marketing copies must have the proper font that sends the right message of the brand identity. The design encourages customers to keep reading about the brand, and sets the tone for the rest of the experience.


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