What is BeReal? A Social Media Agency Explains

bereal, social media agency

By now you’ve probably heard at least one (if not more) Gen Zers mention the BeReal app. If you still aren’t sure what exactly it is or why you should care, allow us to step in and help. As a small business owner, you are probably acting as your own social media agency. And if that’s the case, you want to be keeping up with the changing trends and social platforms that can potentially have relevance to your company’s marketing strategy.

So, what is it?

BeReal is an app that prompts all of its users at once, via a push notification, to post a photo. Each user only has two minutes to take and share their picture through the app. When they do this, it activates both the front and back cameras so that everyone can fully show what they’re doing in that exact moment. The two minute interval changes times every day, so users can never predict or prepare for when they’ll be prompted — encouraging everyone to truly “be real” in that moment.

How could BeReal affect my business?

Currently, there aren’t any advertising opportunities or incentives for businesses to have their own BeReal accounts. However, one truth we know about all popular social media platforms on the market today is: they change. Just like Instagram has evolved from what it originally was, we can expect BeReal to eventually change to. 

Savvy business owners will stay aware of future app updates that provide ways for businesses to join in and market to BeReal audiences. If you don’t feel up to the job of monitoring a constantly changing social media landscape, an external agency can help relieve that burden from you.

For now, stay relevant with the younger generations of consumers by making your storefront and branding as aesthetically pleasing and consistently branded as possible. The more reasons people have to photograph and share your logo or products, the more likely they will do just that. They might even include you in their next BeReal post.


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