Why Data and Analytics Should Be In Your Public Relations Strategy

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Public relations strategies have drastically changed throughout the last couple of years. Data and analytics are now becoming the show stealer when sharing our PR strategies with our clients. We have noticed that clients want to know what to the direct number of what to except from the strategy. Whether you are a client or a PR agency, you will come into contact with them. In this blog, we will break down their importance and how to use these data and analytics. 

Why Do Data and Analytics Matter?

The best way to measure PR success or future success is by using data and analytics. We can now track down our publishing, and whether it is a blog (like this one) or a press release, we can see the numbers and see/ understand why and how our work is being presented to the general public. Data and analytics allow us better to understand past, current, and future trends. We now have an accurate number of what our efforts can be and what they can lead to. 

How and When Do You Use Data and Analytics?

When it comes to public relations, descriptive analytics is the primary form of data and analytics that will help level up your next PR strategy. Descriptive analytics is the best way to explain what happened to what you want to measure. With descriptive analytics, you can develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to help describe these outcomes to your team and stakeholders. The best ways to present your KPIs can be:

  • The number of unique pitches you will send monthly
  • The number of press hits you will have secure monthly
  • The number of media outlets/personnel that you will reach out to monthly

Using descriptive analytics, the numeral set that one set will help you determine what you and your team must do monthly. For example, your team can set the expectation to meet a KPI of three media placements. It is very simple to know when your team has met them. When not met, that is the perfect time to use your PR strategy to describe the changes and focuses that will be happening. 

Data and analytics need to be front and center of every PR strategy because they can measure the successes and areas of improvement of the strategy that was set. Now that you have learned about data and analytics click HERE to learn more about PR strategies!