Why Hiring A Smaller Boutique PR Firm May Be Right For Your Brand

boutique PR firm

Size does matter. The most important factor when choosing a PR firm to work with is how well the firm understands the needs of your business to achieve realistic goals and results. A boutique PR firm typically has a smaller team, meaning they can be more collaborative, attentive, and adaptable to your specific needs. Here’s why a boutique PR firm may be right for your brand. 


Passionate Team

A smaller firm has fewer clients than a large firm which enables more time devoted to your business’ needs. Both parties are able to discuss desirable goals and creative strategies to secure reach. The team is also able to place a greater focus in developing and achieving your PR objectives. Unlike a large firm, senior-level management on client accounts is seen more often as they define success through results.

“Each client receives attention from every level within the agency. At BLND from the President down to the Interns, everyone is tuned into each client working to further their success.” 

-Courtney Simich, Senior Account Coordinator, BLND PR


Build Personal Relationships

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines PR as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”. Often, larger agencies forget the personable aspect of “mutually beneficial relationships” and can easily take advantage when doing “business”. A boutique PR Agency strives to be accountable and work hard for the satisfaction of their clients. 

“Because we are a smaller boutique firm, our team is accessible to our clients in ways that a larger firm can’t be. We get to know every individual client on a deep level to provide personalized and detailed services.”

-Devynne Honsa, President, BLND PR


Diversity and Adaptability  

One of the benefits of working with a Los Angeles boutique PR firm is the ability to work with diverse cultures, industries, and businesses that it has worked with previously. Furthermore, by working with various clients, you can find the agency to be more credible and knowledgeable in their field. 


“When working with a boutique PR firm, they are able to adapt quickly to changing news, trends, and stories. With bigger agencies, they may be stuck in old ways, or solely focused on following one strategy. Boutique agencies have the flexibility to strike while the iron is hot to make choices for their clients which will benefit their short and long term PR goals”

-Megan Johns, Account Executive, BLND PR


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