How to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media

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It’s a sad reality that as social media has grown in popularity, so have the negative comments on various platforms. Whether you’re experiencing some online hate for your brand or know a company that is, negative comments are unfortunately an inevitable part of most online communities. At our social media agency, we have mastered the art of managing online conversations. Here are our tips that can help any social media user deal with negative comments in order to keep a happy and healthy relationship with their customers on online platforms. 


Try not to take it personally: 

This is harder than it may seem, especially if the negative comments are about your brand directly. As tempting as it seems to take a stab back at them, it is much more powerful that you take the high road. Keep in mind that these comments may come from a place of jealousy and may not even really be about your brand. If you personally can’t handle it, hiring a social media agency is a great way to divert the negativity to someone who knows how to manage and resolve it. 

Keep Track of Your Haters, but Don’t Block Them Just Yet: 

There are two sides to this and it is contingent upon who you are dealing with; is it an unhappy customer or is it a troll? As tempting as it seems to delete a negative comment or block a user, it is very possible that they may come back even more brutally. This could end up backfiring for your brand, especially if you are dealing with an unhappy consumer. On the other hand, if you are sure you’re dealing with a troll, the best solution may just be to remove them completely. This is especially important if you are sure that they are writing irrational or falsified comments about your brand. A great way to distinguish between these two archetypes is to keep track of your online “haters.” 

Respond Constructively and Quickly

When dealing with negative comments, it’s important that you respond both quickly and constructively. If you are on top of your social media game, you should be aware of new comments about your brand, especially if they are negative. A good response time window would be within the first hour of it being posted. When deciding how to respond, it is important that you consider all aspects of the situation. Is this person truly unhappy with your brand, or are they just trolling you online? Dig a little deeper before you bounce back at them. 


Deal With Matters Privately 

This is very important when dealing with negative comments. If you are sure that you’re dealing with an unhappy customer and you can rectify the situation, reach out to them privately. This shows a higher level of care and attention to the matter. Be sure to thank them for sharing their opinion and to explain how you plan to handle the situation. 


We hope that these tips are helpful when encountering negative comments online. Keep in mind that this happens to everyone, since it is impossible to please every person on social media. The real difference is in how you choose to react to the situation and handle it moving forward.


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