How to Establish (or Re-Establish) Your Brand Values

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With all that has been going on in our community, the need for businesses to clearly establish their values to the public has become more important than ever. Your brand values are the beliefs that you as a company stand for, fight for, and practice. Typically, they are one of the first things you establish as a business. Sometimes, however, with growth of a company, you can lose sight of your original values. 

A boutique public relations agency can help you establish, or re-establish, your brand values and blend it into your everyday business practices. By ensuring that your marketing content, brand image, and products effectively match your brand values, you will keep the trust of your consumers. Here at BLND, a boutique public relations agency, we’ve put together a few key things to consider when choose your business values.


Go Back to Your Roots

Take a trip down memory lane, and think back to when your business was first being created. As the founder or CEO, what inspired you to create your business in the first place? What do you passionately believe in? What problem does your company help solve? Maybe your business is passionate about a certain cause or the promotion of a certain lifestyle. Maybe you founded your company to help solve world hunger. Whatever it is, recognize what ideals drove you to create your business. There are endless different brand values you can identify with, but going to the root of where it all started will help pinpoint the most powerful core values.


Services and Products

Looking within, you can identify your brand’s values through the products and services you provide to your customers. Realizing how you hope to make your feel consumers feel can help emphasize what your brand finds most important. Whether you hope to promote feelings of authenticity, confidence, self-care, etc., choosing the value that your product embodies best will create a sense of community between you and your customers. 


Brand Aesthetic

Each brand has its own unique aesthetic. Often, our values are displayed through the way we present ourselves to the public. Therefore, communicating your brand values through your content and branding is essential. Recognizing the visual factors that play into your brand can help pinpoint the values that make your business original, unique, and successful. Additionally, if you find in your search that your branding does not match your values, re-evaluate your branding to match your values, not the other way around. Remember that values always come first.

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