Launching A New Beauty Product: Public Relations Ideas & Inspiration

beauty public relations

So many new beauty brands have hit the scene recently, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new skincare line, Rose Inc., to the Gen Z focused brand Youthforia, growth within the industry has no end in sight. If you’re planning to launch a product soon, you’re sure to need effective beauty public relations tactics to get your name out there! Beauty brands no longer rely on a feature within an ad spread in Allure or Marie Claire to get buzz around their new products, but primarily utilize social media strategies and influencer marketing to create awareness around their brand. Let’s explore a few ways to make sure your product launch is a success.



Giveaways are an enticing way to get your name out there and get people excited about your product. Hosting a giveaway through Instagram only involves creating an initial giveaway announcement post and follow up reminders. Those in which you tell entrants to “Tag 3 friends in the comments” can do wonders for your reach. Such a great way to go out there and get some earned media!


Create Shareable Content

Get creative and allow people to organically share your brand. Maybe create “This or That” stories or appeal to an aspect of your audience that they will latch on to. Mayfair Group does a great job of targeting Gen Z with their horoscope collages that end up getting reposted by everyone and their mother! This is another great way to gain free media and organic exposure.


Host an Event

Although it may not be so easy nowadays, several beauty brands such as Marc Jacobs and Fenty Skin have hosted events over Zoom. Fortunately, it really cuts down the budget, and then you can invite every influencer of your dreams no matter their location! As having plans are currently slim to none, people will be so excited to have something to show up for, so keep this idea in mind for your product launch!


Partner with Influencers

One of the best ways to promote your beauty product is through a beauty influencer. Their fans take their word like it’s the Bible. If it’s within your budget, this would be one of the best ways to get genuine reach and interest in your launch. All that being said, make sure the influencer is an appropriate and genuine fit for your brand, so the influencer is actually hype about your product and the campaign stays authentic.


Gift Samples to Media & Influencers

In line with the last strategy, if your product is really as great as you think it is, influencers & media will think it is too! Sending out PR and mentioning your Instagram handle if they’d like to share is a great way to organically and easily get buzz around your product.


Launching a product can be scary but so exciting, and therefore knowing the right beauty public relations strategies to utilize is vital for your success. For more tips on how to make your brand stick out from the rest with our public relations agency, click here.