The Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses

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Whether your business is new or established, a social media presence is key. When it comes to choosing a social media platform to promote your business, there is no shortage of selection. You may be familiar with various platforms but struggle to choose the right one for your marketing goal, which is where a social media agency comes in. Here at BLND, a lifestyle public relations and social media agency, we can help you choose the platform that best matches your needs.


Best for Targeted Marketing: Facebook
With 2.3 billion worldwide users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. What makes Facebook an effective platform to advertise on is the platform’s use of off-site user tracking. Businesses can take advantage of user’s recorded off-site activities to target individuals based on their interests and likes. The platform supports most content formats including text, images, videos, stories, and live stories.


Best for Small Businesses: Instagram

The photo-sharing app allows users to create a free business account with insight analytics about reach and follower engagement. Instagram is a great platform to grow a following for your brand and sell products. Working with influencers is an affordable way to reach potential customers and introduce them to your products.


Best for Customer Relations: Twitter
Twitter is a platform built around sharing live-time information in 140 characters or less. Due to its conversational nature, Twitter is a great tool for businesses and customers to connect. The platform lends itself as a tool for businesses to react to customer requests directly, thereby increasing loyalty and trust in the brand.


Best for Building Brand Awareness: Pinterest
If your goal is to build brand awareness, Pinterest might be the best platform for you. Each month, over 200 million people use Pinterest to find new products, recipes, fashion trends, interior design ideas, and so much more. 


Best for Targetting Gen Z: TikTok
TikTok, an app formerly known as, is a video app that allows users to post 15 second long clips. Over 40% of TikTok’s users are between the ages of 10 and 19, making the app a popular platform for marketers targeting a Gen Z demographic. The platform supports four types of advertising including branded lenses, infeed native content, hashtag challenges and brand takeovers. 


Once you’ve decided which platforms to utilize, it is vital to post frequently and consistently to boost engagement. As a boutique public relations and social media agency, we are here to help! Check out our BLND toolbox for tips on daily social media posting!