The Top 3 TikTok Updates That Should Be on Your Radar Right Now

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In 2022, TikTok had 672 million downloads globally, making it the number-one app of the year. We only imagine that number will continue to multiply since TikTok has become an influential app that clients and audiences love to use. As the app continues to grow and take over the social media world, TikTok continues to add new features and updates that benefit every user on the app. The best social media agencies keep track of all major TikTok updates and are on top of the latest news on the app. Therefore, in this blog we will be discussing the top 3 updates coming to TikTok. 


Update #1: Get More Information on Your Favorite Shows and Films. 

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, TikTok has recently licensed data to the popular online database for film, television series, and video games, known as IMDb. The feature will allow users to add a link to the film or television show they are referencing in their video. The feature will allow for the link to enable the viewers to learn more about said film or television show by taking them to the official IMDb page that has information on cast, crew, production, and much more! 


This update allows for the profound interest in film and television to have a direct source for information on the videos. Those who enjoy film reviews on TikTok will only be able to have some of the knowledge of the cast at their fingertips. Not only that, but the best social media agencies will now be able to use this feature to make direct film/tv references and link these trends to respectable films/tv shows. 


Update #2: Shop Til You Drop!

TikTok is hands down known as the social media platform that influences viewers to get things we didn’t even know we needed. Whether it is for those viral Target products or the next sustainable makeup brand to shop for, there’s no need to no longer exit the app. TikTok will include a feature that allows you to shop and purchase within the app. This means the links and/or the official site for your favorite brands will load onto the app. The e-commerce world has been expanding into other markets for a while, and it was only a matter of time before it made its way into the social media industry. 


This update is significant because TikTok is known to help businesses go viral. Whether a specific product or the whole brand itself, it is now easier for these businesses to track the incoming traffic from TikTok. It is also the perfect way for viewers to become intrigued with the business and makes it easier to shop/explore from TikTok. Not only is this perfect for both viewers/businesses, but it will significantly change how the e-commerce industry is shifting. They are just one app to include a shopping feature. Instagram has included many shopping features that include adding links in stories and setting up a storefront as well.  


Update #3: Why Is This On My Feed? 

Lastly, TikTok has added an update that will add more knowledge about why your “For You” page is curated the way it is. We know that each TikTok has its own algorithm that curates your feed. Well, the newest update will allow you to learn more about how your algorithm works. The update will benefit users, let you reach your desired target audience, and amplify what influencers you would love your business to work with. 


The new feature will have a question mark icon that shows you why the video you are watching was suggested on your “For You” page once the user clicks on it. TikTok will give you a reason why the video was added to your feed. So, whether you are following a particular influence or a specific video has gained popularity in your country. 


We are excited to continue to witness what other updates/ features TikTok will continue to bring out for the rest of the year. Until then, ensure you keep your eyes peeled for these updates and use them to your advantage. 

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