Twitter: Tips & Tricks

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In 2006, a new platform for engaging, marketing, and posting appeared out of thin air. It appeared as a blue bird and Noah Glass, the forgotten co-founder of Twitter, decided it would be called tweeting on this specific social media platform. Now, Twitter is a hub for widespread business through marketing, hashtags, and retweets. For a social media agency, Twitter is the perfect platform for marketing a brand. However, Twitter can be a challenging platform to use if you aren’t familiar with it. Below are some tips and tricks you can use to really amp up your Twitter game.


Find your Twitter Voice

Since Twitter only allows you so many words that you can tweet, it’s important to keep your tweet’s short and to the point. This will emphasize consistency and authenticity in your brand’s voice as a social media agency. For example, Converse had popular Chinese entertainer, Zhang Yi Xing, wear their shoes which created a lot of buzz for his fans. Not only was Converse able to sell their shoe through a popular figure, they were also sticking to their brand voice while keeping it quick and to the point.


Use Twitter Hashtags

As a social media agency, it’s important to utilize hashtags that adhere to your brand’s voice so it’s easy to find your Twitter page. Since hashtags get nearly double the amount of engagements that tweets without them don’t, it’s important to use the right ones. Examples of hashtags can include: #MotivationalMonday, #TBT, #giveaway, #contest.


Twitter Ads

Any social media agency knows that ads are not only useful but also an effective tool to getting your brand out to a larger audience. This allows people to discover your profile, even if they don’t follow your brand or hashtags. For example, YoungerTV, switched gears from their usual advertisement for TV show, Younger, by uploading 15 second teaser clips to the new episode.



Set Twitter Goals

For your Twitter marketing strategy, you should always set goals to keep you and your brand on track. Rather than posting a tweet and hoping for the best, setting goals and objectives for your Twitter account is a good way to stay organized. Some tips include:

  • Build an engaged following to increase your brand’s awareness
  • Generate leads by directing traffic to an offer or email list
  • Increase traffic to your website by posting links to blog content
  • Build brand loyalty by providing excellent customer service on Twitter
  • Network with influencers and industry thought leaders to create more connections

While these few tips and tricks for how to use your Twitter account will help bring you closer to success in your agency, for more information on tips and tricks for different social media platforms, click here.